Watch the Audience FEEDBACK Video for ROBBIE THE RABBIT (Played at Sept. 2015 Film Festival)

WILDsound Festival

Watch ROBBIE THE RABBIT Short Film – Audience FEEDBACK Video:

Audience Comments on ROBBIE THE RABBIT:

A lot happens in this film in 7 minutes. It doesn’t seem like it.

The child actors are amazing.

I love the tone of this film. A dark film with a lot of comedy breaks.

Great ending. It’s a reminder how a tragic event from our childhood can stay with us.

It’s a film about connection. The boy wants to feel that love again from his childhood.

ROBBIE THE RABBIT, Drama/Family, 7min, Ireland
Directed by Rian Smith

A tragic childhood friendship between two boys leaves one of them obsessed with rabbits.

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Deadline FEEDBACK Toronto Film Festival:

– FULL FEEDBACK on your film from the audience. Garner an audience feedback video on your film.

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