Watch the Audience FEEDBACK Video for MERKUR (Played at Sept. 2015 Film Festival)

WILDsound Festival

Watch MERKUR Short Film – Audience FEEDBACK Video:

Audience Comments on MERKUR:

I love the music. The visuals were like a video game.

I was impressed by the imagination of this film. It’s a fascinating film to watch.

My impression of this film is it’s about the imagry of light versus dark. Where everyone is running away from the dark and the unknown. Then one person faces the dark and finds salvation and everyone else embraces that.

MERKUR, 2min., France, Animation/Experimental
Directed by Jean-Baptiste Aziere

On a desertic planet, the natives are running away from the menacing shadow of the night. Only one of them will brave the darkness to save his species from the shadows.

Main Genre : Animation/Experimental

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Deadline FEEDBACK Toronto Film Festival:

– FULL FEEDBACK on your film from the audience. Garner an audience feedback video on your film.

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